My Kränze’s finally made it on to the car.

Back on the road!

Back on the road!


Was asked to do a burnout..


2014 should be fun if I can make these fit..

Boats and hoes. Most times the people with the most ghetto ragged out cars with no money and replica wheels are the ones out there driving and enjoying their cars. People are to rich and have to much times on there hands. People who really care about cars will just appreciate the fact that your out getting rad. My two cents after reading that 46 page tumblr bitch rant going down on your page haha


And people still aren’t getting what im saying. I dont care if your car is ghetto, beat to shit, and on inexpensive wheels. Its ok to be broke and build a car to your budget. Im broke as fuxk. My car is a piece of shit! I run a single cam ka because that is all I can afford! And I still enjoy and drive the piss out of my car.

Buying ‘replica’ wheels is shitty because you are supporting companies who are literally stealing wheel designs from other companies and selling them as their own. The companies that built this industry are going under because of these theives! Its extremely frustrating that everyone is relating this to money when that is not what is about.

Im going to relate again to my personal experience; my pop ups shirts have been knocked off three times now (that I know of). I spent 3 years playing with the idea, drawing, changing, getting it down the way I wanted it. You should see how many itirations I have on my computer. Three years before I even put it on a shirt. Then some assholes have the nerve to take my design(even with the “inTransit” still at the bottom), open up an online store, and sell them as their own, on cheap garments, and make money off my idea… Can you understand how frustrating that is? Not only are they making money, but they are tarnishing my name by making it cheaply. Someone who doesn’t know better is going to go “wow cool design, but the print is garbage and that shirt fits terrible” and they won’t want one for their own.

Support original people with original ideas.

I’m not saying another fucking word on the subject.

Fucking Truth!

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